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Among the best-selling book, intentionally or unintentionally led

transport (stores) dynamic history. Among the best-selling book, intentionally or unintentionally led to a new wave of sports shoes soon - minimalist / minimalist running shoe development, the core theme is the removal  converse pro star  of cumbersome damping system, advocates improving running posture, using his body power to brisk run. This is minimalist and simple style running shoes development background. 2009 can be described as the development of the first year of minimalist running shoes, was only included VIBRAM? Including 10 brands offer little product model, to 2012 has 32 brands launched minimalist running shoes series of products, the products involved models over 100 more.This time you need to operate through a more rational strategy to  replace blind entertainment marketing. To fight with other competitors, in addition to continuously upgrade their product quality and service, but also need accurate, more rational approach to brand promotion. To break through, we must formulate a comprehensive strategy to promote the integration of entertainment, the first brand ambassador is important, such as Chia invite young  womens converse all star Korean idol Jang Keun Suk, consistent with its fashion positioning; secondly, the network media applications is critical, in recent years, due to the new the rapid development of the media, shoes and apparel companies use microblogging, SNS, micro-film and other emerging social marketing approach after another, resulting in a more diversified approach to marketing.  Li Ning, the official website early on through open microblogging, establish communication with the consumer brand information platform; Anta official flagship store there is a new brand launched on spread through video sites and community sites, attracting hot friends. Some foreign brands will be focusing its attention on the cross-border marketing, Nike and Buick cooperation, enhance the visibility of Nike, also contributed to the Nike Air shoes, Nike sports shoes sales rose. Entertainment marketing model for positioning in the fashion shoes, casual shoes such brands. Lacoste alligator shoes in the series will need to be more prudent stars to endorsement. The sports shoes and apparel brand should be combined with its own product characteristics, proceed